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1. How big is the ShowNo?

The child ShowNo towel measures 27.5" x 55 inches. Folded in half to be worn as a poncho, it measures 27.5 x 27.5 inches. 

2. My child is 3 years old.  Will it fit them?

The ShowNo fits the average 3 - 10 year old. Measure 27 inches from their shoulder down and you can determine the length. It will hit the average 3 year old just above the ankle and the average 10 year old above the knee.

3. Does it come in more than one size?

The ShowNo towel comes in one size for now.  We occasionally offer adult towels - check back.

4. What is a ShowNo used for?

It has many uses!! It is the perfect bath towel that kids can use to dry off all by themselves. It is a cover up  that keeps them warm and protected from the sun and it is a changing towel that kids can put on and change their clothes underneath in privacy.  It is also the perfect beach towel, it can lay flat on the sand.   It is NOT a costume or toy. It is not intended for play or use without adult supervision.

5. Does it have a hood?

No. They already make hooded towels and I like that without a hood, the ShowNo can lay flat for use as a regular towel.

6. What if I get my towel and it doesn't fit or has fraying?

ShowNo towels offers a satisfaction guarantee.  Please note that minor fraying around the neck is normal and inherent in the manufacturing process.  Excess fray can be trimmed with scissors and will not damage the towel.  Shipping will not be refunded.

7. Where is the best place to get a ShowNo towel?

Right now the best way to get a towel is to order through our website. You can also order through our Facebook page. If for some reason, you cannot see our shopping cart, please email or call us immediately. We will process your order over the phone.

8. How long will it take to get my towel?

Typically your order will ship in 3 - 5 days. If our Shark Tank episode re-airs it could take 1-2 weeks due to the increased traffic..

9.  Are the sides open on the towel?

The sides are open on the children's towel.  It is meant for a quick change and covers front and back.  

10.  Are there special washing instructions?

Machine wash cold with like colors.  

 11.  There is some fraying around the neck is that normal?

It is.  Trim off any excess fray with scissors.  It will not affect the towel.

12.  Can I return my ShowNo?

Yes.  ShowNo towels offers a satisfaction guarantee. Shipping will not be refunded.  Please note that minor fraying around the neck is normal and inherent in the manufacturing process.  Excess fray can be trimmed with scissors and will not damage the towel.  Minor fraying is normal.  If you are unhappy with your towel you may return it and a refund will be issued.  Shipping will not be refunded.

Note: ShowNo Towels will not be returnable if they have been washed or worn.

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